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Chirality. John/Sherlock, PG. It's just a short comment fic, written for the kissing meme hosted by [ profile] moony. Lots of excellent stuff over there, everybody go check out the fics!

For a brief, insane second, he wants to hand it back and take it away all over again.

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Shameless plug time.

Considering the shortage of arts grants out there (especially at the moment) I'm interested to see how things like Kickstarter are going to change the way small arts projects get funded- already, I know a few visual artists who have gotten installations or workshops off the ground because of it. And the band Tallahassee got a chunk of their new record supported by friends and fans. So I'm excited to say that Mr. Orange's band, The Sobriquets have their own new project on Kickstarter now. They're hoping to head to the studio next year, and they're working dudes with no label, so they're raising money dimes and dollars at a time. It's an odd model, but I like the idea of community-funded music. I'm hoping it's a success. I'm proud of these knuckleheads. ♥

ETA: Ugh, cannot get video embedded. Anyway, link and video is here:

It's cute, I swear. "I thought about saying um..." Nick unbelievable.

Gene says relax.

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 07:53 pm
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So I have decided to go as Alex Drake for Halloween. Ankle boots, bright belted top, skinny jeans, no problem. But I'm searching for a white leather (or faux-leather) jacket that won't break my budget. Does anyone have any suggestions? You guys are so good at this stuff, I figured I would put it out into the fandom ether and see what we've got. :D

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This video is my happy place.

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Because I have so much time on my hands (note: this is a lie) here's a fanmix! It's some of the stuff I was listening to while writing this. I have no skill with graphics, so expect nothing. (I really just needed to share that hilarious child's list with the world. ♥)

dangerous book fanmix

Lyrics and download. )
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The dangerous book for boys. Sherlock (BBC), PG-13, still wildly AU. Sherlock/John. This is the end. Part four of four.

Part one.
Part two.
Part three.

They're still sitting like that when the cops surround them.

Part four. )
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The dangerous book for boys. Sherlock (BBC), PG-13, still wildly AU. Sherlock/John. Part three (of four!) Please forgive my liberties with Science; Science and I had only a brief fling before I married Humanities.

Part one.
Part two.

John blinks down at the phone, trying to remember what hour of the morning it is, and why he thought it was a good idea to get up and experience it.

Part three. )
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The dangerous book for boys. Sherlock (BBC), PG-13, still wildly AU. Sherlock/John. Part two. Of three? I'm working on it. Part one can be found here.

It's like being under a magnifying glass, when he does that; like someone putting a mirror to your mouth to look down your throat. To search inside. It's almost like care.

Part two. )
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The dangerous book for boys. Sherlock (BBC), PG-13, and surprise, it's wildly AU. Sherlock/John, at heart. Part one of... three? Four? That sounds good. So this is what I have been doing. I didn't mean to. It is totally unintentional, and probably makes no sense. Anyway, I love John.

There is already someone sitting at the opposite end of the table, but there are books and slides and petri dishes spread out across the length of it, in all directions. There is an unlaced man's shoe sitting on the edge. There does not appear to be a foot attached to it.

Part one. )
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Precipitation. Sherlock/John, PG I guess, ridiculous fluff with no point, no spoilers for anything past episode one. I have so much else to do, and yet I keep sneaking off to picspams of 221B Baker Street and making happy stares like it is cake and I am holding a fork. Forgive me. Blame Martin Freeman's wee wonderful face.

1. A headlong fall or rush.

Sherlock is filing a thumbnail. )
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I don't think I am exaggerating* when I say that stuff like this is the reason the internet was invented.

*I am exaggerating.
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One of my favorite bloggers was recently hacked and is now experiencing the 'fake emails to everyone' thing, which sucks. But he had a brilliant response that I just felt like sharing, because instead of a purely negative, angry reaction ("WHAT AN ASSHOLE, I HOPE THEY GET A FLAT TIRE IN BAT COUNTRY"), his was thoughtful and even a little inspiring. To the question of 'why would anyone even waste their time doing this', he writes:

"Is it from boredom? Because that's just nuts. The world is a vast and glorious place. Your hometown, however small it may be, contains more secrets and mysteries and wonders than you will ever have time to explore. Your local library contains more life-changing, luminous books than you will ever have time to read. All five seasons of The Wire are out on DVD. You haven't seen even half of the AFI's 100 Greatest Movies. There's a Habitat work site within a short drive of wherever you are. And a food pantry, a farmer's market and all manner of shelters and clinics and tutoring programs in need of volunteers. There are streams, highways and creatures awaiting adoption. Your elderly neighbor could use a hand with a few chores. And if you're anywhere near my latitude, then there's garlic and kale and lettuce to be planted and weeded and tended.

What I'm saying is there's really no excuse for being bored."

-Fred Clark (aka

Awesome. Hopefully the next time I think to complain about boredom, I'm going to think of this instead, and get my butt into gear. (Although, my schedule the way it is, boredom is a luxury I can't afford... lol.)
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Calendar. Part three. Parts one and two, previously. This is an ongoing sequel to Monsters. Doctor/Rose, slayer and vampire, PG-13 to R, and oh-so-incredibly-AU.

"You don't really forget the ones you've made," she says. "It's there when you look at them. You can feel it."

He doesn't ask her how she knows.

Part three. )
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Calendar. Part two. Part one, here. This is an ongoing sequel to Monsters. Doctor/Rose, slayer and vampire, PG-13 to R, and oh-so-incredibly-AU.

There is a moment of fumbled wrestling; she's fast but he's faster at the moment, long limbs twisted around hers, pinning her against the carpet with his knees on either side of her hips. Rose fidgets and blows the end of the scarf out of her face and then is perfectly still. She smiles up at him. "Your librarian's reflexes are improving," she says.

"You should watch me index," he murmurs.

Part two. )
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So basically, what I'm sensing is a general feeling of...


Right, carry on.
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Calendar. Part one. Of how many parts, I have no idea. This is a sequel to Monsters. Doctor/Rose, slayer and vampire, PG-13 to R, and oh-so-wildly-AU. Happy birthday, [ profile] mylittlepwny darling, I'm sorry to have made you wait!

He lies awake afterwards in the retreating dark of his room, shades pulled down, listening through the thin walls. It's just past dawn; his neighbors are starting to get up, turn on their taps and radios and thump around looking for breakfast, shoes, car keys, a goodbye kiss.

He wonders what she's doing.

Part one. )


Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 06:55 pm
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This is so beautiful, I had to share it. Here on lj, we know each other through our words. This video is a celebration of all the ways that words touch us, shape our world, move us and make us laugh, cry, feel, define our moments and give us the means to express them.


You can read and hear more about this at:


Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 04:28 pm
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I feel terrible, I know there is so much fic I need to work on (and I am, I swear) but at the same time I have been feeling a need to work on other things, too. So despite the fact that I am very embarassed about sharing original stuff, here is a link to a tumblr for that kind of thing:

It is me. I don't really know how to work a tumblr, so forgive any shitty formatting or whatever. Anyway, I'll probably be there a bit from time to time, starting now. Maybe. Oh, dear.
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Of all the things my co-workers could have jokingly left on my desk as an early birthday present, I did not expect a gigantic Crunky bar. AMAZING. They are not aware that I have an unhealthy fixation on the well-known spokesidol for Crunky, and I am not going to be telling them anytime soon.

Last year's almost-anonymous (but oh so obvious) gifts included a paper Burger King crown with Bella and Edward staring soullessly out from the laminate, a ridiculously sleazy Pirates of the Caribbean nightlight, and a lovely teacup filled with my favorite flavor of tea sachets. I really am lucky; I work with the best people. ♥

A musical interlude.

Saturday, July 17th, 2010 07:28 pm
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One of my favorite albums in the world, Sunny Day Real Estate's The Rising Tide, was released ten years (and one month, give or take) ago, and I've pulled out my vinyl copy of it and had it on all afternoon. It's funny to think that a shared love of this record was one of the things that brought Mr. Orange and I together. He and I have an old (but still shiny!) signed poster from the band that we finally got framed today, too, so it's all over my consciousness right now. Coincidentally, it's also an album that inspired a lot of fic, something I used to listen to over and over and over when I was first beginning to write things I wanted to share with other people. It's weirdly nostalgic.

So in lieu of doing that writing meme that's going around, and since my writing process is very boring ("1: Start writing. 2: Do that for a bit. 3: Stop writing."), I thought I'd share some music. The idea is kind of piggybacked from [ profile] rosa_acicularis's post, since she brings up the writerly habit of needing to dwell in certain music to get into the fiction groove. Under the cut, here's a handful of songs that have made it into my heavy rotation for writing. You're welcome to share any songs that really get the wheels turning for you!

I apologize in advance for my awful romantic streak. )


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