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Gratitude. BtVS fic, Spike/Buffy, Pg for language. Kind of a companion piece to The Mirror, set earlier. How do you get somebody back ?

He's drunk, but he's preturnaturally fast, and she's not making herself particularly hard to catch.

Gratitude )
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The Mirror. BtVS fic, again ! It's as if I were rewatching the season seven DVDs, again and again... which I may be doing. Shh. This is Spike and Buffy in some fantasy future, never mind the burning and the collapsing of towns and everything that happens after. PG for language, but this is really just sunshine and puppies.

He's the kind of boyfriend who will follow her into a nest of demons with only a baseball bat and a hilariously poor grasp of odds.

The Mirror )
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Different Girl. PG-13 for language, BtVS, Faith. I've never wanted to write about Faith before- I've got no head for her. But I see her with the potentials and I think, yeah, something about this is good. So, Faith, here's to you.

"Here's how I want to die," Faith starts, and takes her shot; she sits back in her chair and spreads her hands apart like a picture frame. "Jumping off a cliff onto the back of a dragon, stabbing that fucker in the heart, and riding it all the way down."

Different Girl )


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