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I want to believe. Ten II/Rose, PG-ish, and probably pretty AU. I don't know. That's the way it seems to always go. This takes place in the same timeline as Series Five's The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang.

Pete keeps telling him he's overworked, and Pete is probably right. You can't remember things that didn't happen. But then: gardenias. Blonde threads curling in the sink, twisted around his fingers. Spinning themselves into gold.

I want to believe.
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Monsters. Ten/Rose, R-ish, wildly AU. Written for [ profile] starry_eyed's prompt, you can blame her for this madness. ♥ Hee. This is basically just a chance to goof around in the Buffy universe for a bit, with Ten as a slayer and Rose his vampire companion. Anyway, everyone should keep checking and reading and writing at [ profile] then_theres_us, long live the ficathon!

Maybe it's a vampire con, the long game. She backs him up in a few fights and tells him some fairytales and one day, when he's braiding flowers into her hair, she rips his throat out.

He prefers not to think about that possibility.

Monsters. )
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Handlebars. This is another one of those stories I never expected to write. Amy/Rory, or Amelia/Rory, or both. You'll see what I mean. Also, I'm taking liberties with anything I don't know. MAJOR SPOILERS for DW 5x07, "Amy's Choice."

She walks through the halls mostly undetected, and she pretends it is because the Doctor has made her invisible. "Good plan," she whispers into the washroom mirror. She gives her reflection a cool thumbs-up.

Handlebars. )
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The Family Business. Further adventures of the Doctor, the Master, and Rose. And an extra-special guest. PG-ish. Totally AU, as always. The first section was originally written as a ficlet for dear [ profile] adriana_is, but I got overexcited and it has become a longer... thing. Thank you, everyone who encouraged me and asked for more. ♥

For previous installments, see: Human Women, Tea Time, and Firey Death.

The Master has never been happier. Never. Not even on last year's birthday, when Rose baked him a cake and he put the Doctor's face in it.

The Family Business. )
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Fireworks. Oh, Ten. You'll always be my Doctor. Pairings under the cut, in case of spoilers. ) G, short, three moments in a life. I still don't know quite how to feel.

MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE END OF TIME, PART II. Please don't read if you haven't seen it yet or don't want to be spoiled.

She hopes it is a happy one.

Fireworks. )
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Lazarus. This is a very short post-Waters of Mars look at Ten. PG for themes. Also, this is for [ profile] intrikate88, font of good ideas. MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW THE CUT.

"And time yet for a hundred indecisions,
And for a hundred visions and revisions."
-T.S. Eliot

Lazarus. )
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Milk and honey. Rose/Ten, PG, sooo AU. This was written for the poetry challenge at [ profile] then_theres_us, though I wrote it too late for that. It's a continuation from Skinned knees and the fourth of july and World's fair. This came, too, from the line, "everything she did was so human."

No one saw us this evening hand in hand
while the blue night dropped on the world.

Rose had looked out the window, at the air and sky that was, impossibly, whiter than the examination room walls, whiter than the pressed coats and aprons, pale and thick with clouds. Beyond the river was the city and beyond the city was the airport, and beyond the clouds was heaven, and it could wait.

Milk and honey. )
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It's gotten kind of weird over in that Eleven/Jack thread at [ profile] thunderemerald's place. And by weird, I mean awesomely weird. It's made me want to write again. Because every challenge she hands me, I have done, and oh my God she made me do Ten/Jackie and I did it and I'm not sorry and now I have to share it or explode.

So here are a handful of drabbly short-fic thingies that I have done for her. They are all slightly naughty, though nothing more than a PG-13. No real spoilers for anything.






...and there may be more later. Probably. Almost definitely. What have I gotten myself into ?
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Vignette-thing-time. So [ profile] thunderemerald was thinking about the inevitable meeting between Jack and our new Eleventh Doctor, and a part of me got... carried away. (As a side-note, [ profile] thunderemerald is also looking for good Jack-meets-Eleven fics, if you have any !) Spoilers under the cut, sort of. If vague physical descriptions count.

"Oh yes, please." The Doctor grinned. "I've got such an appetite." His eyes widened. "For pizza."

Awkward age. )
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The man in the moon. This is a short vignette, Ten II and Rose, in some relatively peaceful future. Deals with thoughts of regeneration, so please don't read if the Tennant stuff is hitting you hard. PG for one naughty thought (he's Ten, after all.)

She pokes him gently with her index finger and he comes back from that particular ledge. Oh, so many ledges in the world, and only one of her.

The man in the moon. )
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The sound of drums. This is just a short Ten II/Rose vignette, G for no suggestive or dirty words at all. It's just me trying to spur myself to finish a bigger fic.

She smells like soap and toothpaste and he can hear her breathing through her nose.

The sound of drums. )
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Clocks. PG-ish, vaguely Doctor/Rose. This is just a short, spacey, sad drabble about the possibilities of regeneration. Don't read if you're not feeling up to thoughts of Tennant leaving... ever. Heaven knows I'm not really up to it.

"We did it," the nice person tells him, feeling that this will somehow encourage everybody. "We did it, and the rockets are going up and they'll finally find us. You saved us. You can't die."

"You and what army ?" he asks, drunkenly.

Clocks. )
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Maturity. This is more post-Journey's End fic. With spoilers. And a slight twist. A sort-of sequel to Peace in our time. It's PG-13, Doctor/Rose (and yes, again, canon-compliant, and I'm sure you know what that means.) Very very cracky and ridiculous.

I promised you, [ profile] araceli_maura. And here it is. Spoilery author's note under here. )

If he angles it wrong, it'll hit the window. Or the jukebox. Well, there's a bit of chaos inherent in any endeavor. He pretends not to be calculating the velocity.

Maturity. )
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Peace in our time. Yes, it is: it's post-Journey's End fic. I figured I should get this posted before everyone, even my own mom, gets theirs done as well. Hee. Anyway, it's PG-13 for occasional nudity; Doctor/Rose, and yes, it's canon-compliant (and if you know what that means, then you know what that means.)

She couldn't ever have imagined a universe where he would ask such a thing, and now she's living in it.

Peace in our time. )
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Under the cut, a short fic that was written for the [ profile] oh_she_knows Picture Perfect Challenge. The screencaps are from season one's "The Long Game."

"Look at you !" he continues. "Neural mapping- signal conversion through human tissue- not to mention," he adds, looking mildly confused, "you managed to figure out my shelving system."

"Apples to Zabulon," she says brightly.

Picture Perfect Challenge, July 7, 2008. )
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The mission. Fic for DW 4x11, "Turn Left." Spoilers, obviously. PG, and short.

She's beginning to understand how somebody could do this their whole life and still be rubbish at it.

The mission. )
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Present and accounted for. D/R, PG maybe ? And ridiculous. Set in pretty much the same universe-ish as Human Women and Firey Death. This is total crackity-crack-fic for [ profile] mrv3000, who looked at the Very Spoilery Picture today and made the following brilliant yet spoilery observation. )

Please don't click any of those links, or the cut below, if you're staying unspoiled for episodes 11-13. Have I said it enough times ? I think I have, ha.

"Teflon makes everything slide off," he'd said once, cheerfully demonstrating on his own suit with a pan of marinara sauce. It was perhaps not the most appetizing illustration.

Present and accounted for. )
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Comedians. Because life is a barrel of monkeys. Slightly cracky, mostly happy Ten/Rose, PG-13, very very AU. Written only to amuse myself. No spoilers for anything past Doomsday.

They visit a Wild West saloon at Jupiter Disney and drink too much, at which point they discover it is actually Colorado in 1879 and the Doctor has been cheating at cards. ("Not... much," he says.)

Comedians. )
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Tidewater. Doctor Who Season Four, with major spoilers for 4x08 and 4x09.
Fic below the cut.

"The dragons are a myth," she says. Another chunk of the wall falls in, rolling past her, with a great grinning lizard's head at the top. She scowls at it. "They're just a legend. This is a research site, not a fairy tale."

"Oh ?" he asks.

They run.

This fic contains major spoilers for characters and situations in 4x08, Silence in the Library. If you're staying unspoiled, don't click. )


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