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Harry Watson Investigates. G, totally G, totally ridiculous. This is, in its own weird way, a sequel to The dangerous book for boys. An AU set in the Sherlock universe, featuring Harry Watson, age eleven; with cameos from our favorite boy detectives. I barely remember being eleven, but I do remember liking rabbits an awful lot.

John keeps his hands in his pockets, except at streetcorners, where he still sometimes tries to get Harry to hang onto his sleeve as they cross. It's embarrassing. She walks ahead of him a little bit, to discourage that kind of thing.

Harry Watson Investigates. )
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Chirality. John/Sherlock, PG. It's just a short comment fic, written for the kissing meme hosted by [ profile] moony. Lots of excellent stuff over there, everybody go check out the fics!

For a brief, insane second, he wants to hand it back and take it away all over again.

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The dangerous book for boys. Sherlock (BBC), PG-13, still wildly AU. Sherlock/John. This is the end. Part four of four.

Part one.
Part two.
Part three.

They're still sitting like that when the cops surround them.

Part four. )
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The dangerous book for boys. Sherlock (BBC), PG-13, still wildly AU. Sherlock/John. Part three (of four!) Please forgive my liberties with Science; Science and I had only a brief fling before I married Humanities.

Part one.
Part two.

John blinks down at the phone, trying to remember what hour of the morning it is, and why he thought it was a good idea to get up and experience it.

Part three. )
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The dangerous book for boys. Sherlock (BBC), PG-13, still wildly AU. Sherlock/John. Part two. Of three? I'm working on it. Part one can be found here.

It's like being under a magnifying glass, when he does that; like someone putting a mirror to your mouth to look down your throat. To search inside. It's almost like care.

Part two. )
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The dangerous book for boys. Sherlock (BBC), PG-13, and surprise, it's wildly AU. Sherlock/John, at heart. Part one of... three? Four? That sounds good. So this is what I have been doing. I didn't mean to. It is totally unintentional, and probably makes no sense. Anyway, I love John.

There is already someone sitting at the opposite end of the table, but there are books and slides and petri dishes spread out across the length of it, in all directions. There is an unlaced man's shoe sitting on the edge. There does not appear to be a foot attached to it.

Part one. )
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Precipitation. Sherlock/John, PG I guess, ridiculous fluff with no point, no spoilers for anything past episode one. I have so much else to do, and yet I keep sneaking off to picspams of 221B Baker Street and making happy stares like it is cake and I am holding a fork. Forgive me. Blame Martin Freeman's wee wonderful face.

1. A headlong fall or rush.

Sherlock is filing a thumbnail. )


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