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Harry Watson Investigates. G, totally G, totally ridiculous. This is, in its own weird way, a sequel to The dangerous book for boys. An AU set in the Sherlock universe, featuring Harry Watson, age eleven; with cameos from our favorite boy detectives. I barely remember being eleven, but I do remember liking rabbits an awful lot.

John keeps his hands in his pockets, except at streetcorners, where he still sometimes tries to get Harry to hang onto his sleeve as they cross. It's embarrassing. She walks ahead of him a little bit, to discourage that kind of thing.

Harry Watson Investigates. )
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Strangely enough, this was inspired by [ profile] salr323's post for fic writers on UK Christmas traditions. (There was an offhand mention of a foxhunt, and then I googled foxhunting, and ended up with this. Sometimes, I just really have no idea.) It's an imagining of young Sherlock, in the style of a slightly cartoonish children's book illustration. I suppose I should rate this PG, for a small dead animal. You've been warned.


Sherlock, in the woods. )
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Because I have so much time on my hands (note: this is a lie) here's a fanmix! It's some of the stuff I was listening to while writing this. I have no skill with graphics, so expect nothing. (I really just needed to share that hilarious child's list with the world. ♥)

dangerous book fanmix

Lyrics and download. )
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I don't think I am exaggerating* when I say that stuff like this is the reason the internet was invented.

*I am exaggerating.


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