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Age before beauty. Okay, this is new for me, so please forgive any inaccuracies. It's a True Blood/Moonlight crossover. Eric and Josef, PG-13 for language, general snark at Mick and Bill's expense (bless.) This is, obviously, for [ profile] the_grynne. Darling, I'd follow you into any fandom.

"He thinks sin is catching," he says, and swigs his drink empty. It leaves a wide red streak on the glass, like a church window. He rolls the droplets back and forth.

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Summer of the shark. Officially, I've gone insane. But it's all for you, dear thing, dear [ profile] the_grynne and your delightful run of Heroes fic. Your wish is, apparently my command: here is Josef/Elle. PG for language and innuendo. Ha !

"Do you have a master, Josef ?" She flips down her sunglasses. "And I'm not talking about that Anne Rice shit. Does somebody run you ?" He smiles at her and she stiffens slightly, like prey; then relaxes with a practiced control. Good. He likes that.

"Use your imagination."

Summer of the shark. )
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Pulse point. Yes, yes it is. You knew I was going to do this. It's Moonlight fic. Is there even a community for this yet ? I may start one. Josef, and the nature of the afterlife. Huh. PG-13 for language and bikini bottoms.

So he lies on the bottom of the pool and feels instead the slight motion, the rocking sensation, the pulse that's so like blood, around and over him. He shuts his eyes.

If he stops moving-

-well, anyway, he can't.

Pulse point. )


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