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The dangerous book for boys. Sherlock (BBC), PG-13, still wildly AU. Sherlock/John. This is the end. Part four of four.

Part one.
Part two.
Part three.

They're still sitting like that when the cops surround them.

Part four. )
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The dangerous book for boys. Sherlock (BBC), PG-13, still wildly AU. Sherlock/John. Part three (of four!) Please forgive my liberties with Science; Science and I had only a brief fling before I married Humanities.

Part one.
Part two.

John blinks down at the phone, trying to remember what hour of the morning it is, and why he thought it was a good idea to get up and experience it.

Part three. )
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The dangerous book for boys. Sherlock (BBC), PG-13, still wildly AU. Sherlock/John. Part two. Of three? I'm working on it. Part one can be found here.

It's like being under a magnifying glass, when he does that; like someone putting a mirror to your mouth to look down your throat. To search inside. It's almost like care.

Part two. )
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The dangerous book for boys. Sherlock (BBC), PG-13, and surprise, it's wildly AU. Sherlock/John, at heart. Part one of... three? Four? That sounds good. So this is what I have been doing. I didn't mean to. It is totally unintentional, and probably makes no sense. Anyway, I love John.

There is already someone sitting at the opposite end of the table, but there are books and slides and petri dishes spread out across the length of it, in all directions. There is an unlaced man's shoe sitting on the edge. There does not appear to be a foot attached to it.

Part one. )
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Monsters. Ten/Rose, R-ish, wildly AU. Written for [ profile] starry_eyed's prompt, you can blame her for this madness. ♥ Hee. This is basically just a chance to goof around in the Buffy universe for a bit, with Ten as a slayer and Rose his vampire companion. Anyway, everyone should keep checking and reading and writing at [ profile] then_theres_us, long live the ficathon!

Maybe it's a vampire con, the long game. She backs him up in a few fights and tells him some fairytales and one day, when he's braiding flowers into her hair, she rips his throat out.

He prefers not to think about that possibility.

Monsters. )
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And grace, too. Veronica/Logan, set after Season Three, PG-13 for suggestion. This fic is for [ profile] worldwouldend, the kind person who donated to Help Haiti and in so doing earned both my services as a writer, and my admiration for their generosity. I hope you enjoy every word, because you are an awesome person and it was my pleasure to write for you.

On the first night of summer vacation Logan calls her cell phone, leaves a garbled message that sounds like he is sitting in a parked car by a major street with his windows rolled down.

And grace, too. )
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Maturity. This is more post-Journey's End fic. With spoilers. And a slight twist. A sort-of sequel to Peace in our time. It's PG-13, Doctor/Rose (and yes, again, canon-compliant, and I'm sure you know what that means.) Very very cracky and ridiculous.

I promised you, [ profile] araceli_maura. And here it is. Spoilery author's note under here. )

If he angles it wrong, it'll hit the window. Or the jukebox. Well, there's a bit of chaos inherent in any endeavor. He pretends not to be calculating the velocity.

Maturity. )
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Peace in our time. Yes, it is: it's post-Journey's End fic. I figured I should get this posted before everyone, even my own mom, gets theirs done as well. Hee. Anyway, it's PG-13 for occasional nudity; Doctor/Rose, and yes, it's canon-compliant (and if you know what that means, then you know what that means.)

She couldn't ever have imagined a universe where he would ask such a thing, and now she's living in it.

Peace in our time. )
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Comedians. Because life is a barrel of monkeys. Slightly cracky, mostly happy Ten/Rose, PG-13, very very AU. Written only to amuse myself. No spoilers for anything past Doomsday.

They visit a Wild West saloon at Jupiter Disney and drink too much, at which point they discover it is actually Colorado in 1879 and the Doctor has been cheating at cards. ("Not... much," he says.)

Comedians. )
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Pulse point. Yes, yes it is. You knew I was going to do this. It's Moonlight fic. Is there even a community for this yet ? I may start one. Josef, and the nature of the afterlife. Huh. PG-13 for language and bikini bottoms.

So he lies on the bottom of the pool and feels instead the slight motion, the rocking sensation, the pulse that's so like blood, around and over him. He shuts his eyes.

If he stops moving-

-well, anyway, he can't.

Pulse point. )
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Different Girl. PG-13 for language, BtVS, Faith. I've never wanted to write about Faith before- I've got no head for her. But I see her with the potentials and I think, yeah, something about this is good. So, Faith, here's to you.

"Here's how I want to die," Faith starts, and takes her shot; she sits back in her chair and spreads her hands apart like a picture frame. "Jumping off a cliff onto the back of a dragon, stabbing that fucker in the heart, and riding it all the way down."

Different Girl )


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