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Harry Watson Investigates. G, totally G, totally ridiculous. This is, in its own weird way, a sequel to The dangerous book for boys. An AU set in the Sherlock universe, featuring Harry Watson, age eleven; with cameos from our favorite boy detectives. I barely remember being eleven, but I do remember liking rabbits an awful lot.

John keeps his hands in his pockets, except at streetcorners, where he still sometimes tries to get Harry to hang onto his sleeve as they cross. It's embarrassing. She walks ahead of him a little bit, to discourage that kind of thing.

Harry Watson Investigates. )
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Fireworks. Oh, Ten. You'll always be my Doctor. Pairings under the cut, in case of spoilers. ) G, short, three moments in a life. I still don't know quite how to feel.

MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE END OF TIME, PART II. Please don't read if you haven't seen it yet or don't want to be spoiled.

She hopes it is a happy one.

Fireworks. )
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Bright. Tiny tiny True Blood ficlet for [ profile] the_grynne, because she has such ridiculously good taste in poetry. Sookie/Eric, kind of, or Sookie&Eric. Set sometime after 2x09, "I Will Rise Up," with spoilers for that episode.

"Only a beauty, only a power,
Sad in the fruit, bright in the flower."
-John Masefield

Bright. )
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The man in the moon. This is a short vignette, Ten II and Rose, in some relatively peaceful future. Deals with thoughts of regeneration, so please don't read if the Tennant stuff is hitting you hard. PG for one naughty thought (he's Ten, after all.)

She pokes him gently with her index finger and he comes back from that particular ledge. Oh, so many ledges in the world, and only one of her.

The man in the moon. )
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The sound of drums. This is just a short Ten II/Rose vignette, G for no suggestive or dirty words at all. It's just me trying to spur myself to finish a bigger fic.

She smells like soap and toothpaste and he can hear her breathing through her nose.

The sound of drums. )
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Under the cut, a short fic that was written for the [ profile] oh_she_knows Picture Perfect Challenge. The screencaps are from season one's "The Long Game."

"Look at you !" he continues. "Neural mapping- signal conversion through human tissue- not to mention," he adds, looking mildly confused, "you managed to figure out my shelving system."

"Apples to Zabulon," she says brightly.

Picture Perfect Challenge, July 7, 2008. )
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Present and accounted for. D/R, PG maybe ? And ridiculous. Set in pretty much the same universe-ish as Human Women and Firey Death. This is total crackity-crack-fic for [ profile] mrv3000, who looked at the Very Spoilery Picture today and made the following brilliant yet spoilery observation. )

Please don't click any of those links, or the cut below, if you're staying unspoiled for episodes 11-13. Have I said it enough times ? I think I have, ha.

"Teflon makes everything slide off," he'd said once, cheerfully demonstrating on his own suit with a pan of marinara sauce. It was perhaps not the most appetizing illustration.

Present and accounted for. )


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